Tuesday, 19 September 2017

When words have many meanings....

There are several words in English that have more than one meaning; for example, the word 'right'. It can have the same meaning as 'correct' or it can mean the opposite of the leftward direction.
This can have annoying consequences, as you can see from the conversation below in a taxi:
Driver: Do I turn left at the traffic signal?
Passenger with map: 'Right'
The driver, thinking that the client meant him to turn to the right, did so.
Passenger: Hey, I just agreed with you that you should turn to the left, now look what you've done!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Home sweet home!

What is the word for :
1) The home of Eskimo?
2) The home of Native American?
3) A second home on the beach for New Zealanders?
4) A home for Nuns?
5) A home for Priests?
6) A room in the forests for hunters?
7) An independent home on a plot of land?
8) A tall home for thousands of families that has tens of storeys?
9) A home for bears?
10) A home for your dog?

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Spot the mistakes

1. Secretary required; previous experience required but not necessary.
2.He is wearing the same jacket is what he wore last Saturday.
3. I could not speak English; neither could Jane nor William.
4.For sale-piano belonging to an older gentleman with beautifully carved legs.
5.Both Kelly and Bright were invited, but neither have accepted.
6.The children were provided with the same wonderful spectacles when we went to the zoo.
7. He was paid a wonderful compliment by the individuals who thronged around him.
8.Due to illness, she was unable to go to the pictures.
9.Despite of repeated warnings Mr Bell went to work.
10.Hurry, you and me must go at once.
11.Who did you meet?
12.Please can I go?
13.The children enjoyed the pantomime immensely.
14. A wonderful prospect lays before the youth of today.
15. The latter of your ideas seems the best.
16.Is Shakespeare and some office contemporaries were very great men.
17.The choir-buoys what in pares down the isle.
18.Nobody knows who wrote Grey's 'elegy'.
19. Sir John Falstaff is the funniest character in Sheridan 'She stoops to conquer'.
20. Johnson's"Life of Boswell"gives a perfect picture of the 18th-century. 
Send your emails to info@theenglishlearningchannel.com.
The first all correct answer before 20th September 2017 will get a reward.