Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Words from Native American languages

AS with other languages, English adopted several words from Native American languages.Some of them are familiar to most of us and some less so.
Have chosen a few below:-

  • Caribou - a large deer, related to the reindeer.
  •  Caucus - a group of people that advise/ form policies for a political party.
  • Canoe: A slim boat. 
  • Cassava: An edible root!
  • Chipmunk: a range of squirrels found in North America
  • Coyote: a kind of wolf-like animal, but much smaller
  • Eskimo: a person who lives in Alaska, Northern Canada and Greenland.
  • Guacamole: A sauce made from avocados.
  • Hammock: a net tied between vertical supports, a good place for resting
  • Hickory: a group of North American trees that bear edible nuts. Their wood is also very valuable.
  • Hurricane: a violent storm
  • Husky: a large dog used for pulling sledges.
  • Kinkajou: It is a very cute animal that lives in trees.
  • Mangrove: A tree that grows on shorelines 
  • Maize: Corn! the stuff that makes popcorns, tacos and nachos.
  • Moccasin: a very comfortable kind of shoe.
  • Moose: a large deer that stands about 6 feet tall as an adult.
  • Muskrat: A semi-aquatic North American rodent with a musky smell
  • Opossum: A North American marsupial with a prehensile tail
  • Persimmon: A fruit with a sweet and tart taste.
  • Racoon: A mammal with eyes ringed with a spectacle like making
  • Squaw: A word for wife, in Native American
  • Terrapin: A tortoise
  • Tobacco: The stuff that makes cigarettes and lung cancer.
  • Toboggan: A native American sled.
  • Totem: A decorated pole with Native American cultural significance.  
  • Wapiti: A native American word for 'elk'.
  • Wigwam: A native American tent.
  • Woodchuck: A Groundhog.