Wednesday, 18 October 2017


This is a punctuation connected with possession. 
e.g. America's independence day is the 4th of July. 
It is pronounced as (a-poss-tra-fee)      

Rules for apostrophes:
- Add an 's' after the name of the owner and singular nouns.
      That is Jack's pencil box.

- If there are 2 owners who are named joined by 'and' put the 's after the second name.
      Spur is James and Catherine's horse.

- Add just the apostrophe alone i.e. ' after plural names and nouns.
      The lifeguards saved the surfers' lives.

They are also used with contractions like:-
It's a fine day! (It is a fine day.)
The parcel hasn't come yet.  (The parcel has not come as yet.)

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